When it comes to planning your big day, there are a lot of things to think about. Your Bliss Weddings knows all about that and you can hire a wedding planner today.

We believe that every couple deserves the big day of their dreams. Our aim is to deliver a wedding that you enjoy - that matches your personality and creates memories that you will cherish forever. Wedding planning from Your Bliss Weddings is affordable, customisable and perfect for one and all.

Working with Vendors All Around

Each or our wedding consultants has the experience and knowledge to create the day that all couples want; one that is just for them. We work with vendors in Hong Kong and overseas to deliver something unique and personal to you, whether you want that stately home traditional venue or a Gothic masterpiece.

It can be hard choosing the right vendor and you may worry that they don't have the experience or skills needed to make your day special. Wedding planning with us takes out all the guess work. We know the best people to work with and the ones that really deliver - and often over deliver - on their promises.

We Listen to You

You don't want to know what other couples want. You want a wedding that serves your needs and tastes. That's where we excel. We listen to your needs when you hire a wedding planner through us. Every plan is customised to suit your style and tastes. Before arranging anything, we will sit down with you and go through everything that you would like in your big day - everything that is important to you as a couple and the little extras that you would love to see.

Our staff has the creativity to then make your dreams a reality. We will help choose your theme and find ways to incorporate your wedding colours throughout the day. Your wedding consultant will work with the vendors to produce something that meets your requirements exactly.

Your Bliss Weddings is built on trust and reputation. Our services are among the most popular and we promise to deliver excellence every time. When you ask a hotel or vendor for help choosing a wedding consultant, you will hear the name Your Bliss Weddings.

No matter which of our wedding planner you hire, he or she will have the skill, expertise and ability to work with you and deliver your dream wedding day.

Contact us today or take a look through our services. When it comes to wedding planning, take out the guess work and let us help you.